Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ted Turner: God is sending us a message on oil, coal

Ted Turner, the CNN founder and former athiest, has an idea on why there have been some recent disasters.

He says, "I’m not a real religious person, but I’m somewhat religious. And I’m just wondering if God is telling us he doesn’t want us to drill offshore," in a CNN interview.

He added, "And right before that we had that coal mine disaster in West Virginia where we lost 29 miners," as well as repeated mining disasters – "seems like there’s one over there every week" – in China.

"Maybe the Lord’s tired of having the mountains of West Virginia, the tops knocked off of them so they can get more coal. I think maybe we ought to just leave the coal in the ground and go with solar and wind power and geo-thermals where it’s applicable."

He also added saying the the United States is the biggest polluter in the world.

Well, I disagree with him considering that God is upset with oil and coal and wants us to use green energy.

I'm not against green energy, it is good too, but don't eliminate what works and is cheap. Oil is cheap.

CNN: Ted Turner: Is God speaking in Gulf Coast spill?

Rev. Wright swings back at Obama

President Barack Obama's former pastor is letting it loose when it comes to his former churchgoer.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright said Obama "threw me under the bus. Literally."

He also said that Obama considers him "toxic."

This is from the man who was Obama pastor for decades in Chicago.

Obama once considered Wright to be like his father during the campaign, but when it came out that the church professed liberation theology and that was 'bad,' Obama severed ties with Wright and the church.

Check out the news story, it is worth reading.

Associated Press: Ex-Obama pastor: 'Obama threw me under the bus'

Leader Reid: BP's 'greed' caused oil spil

Majority Leader Harry Reid is not a fan of American capitalism.

He blamed British Petroleum's corporate greed for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill Monday. It sounds about right. He would do that. And yes, BP is partly to blame. But, not solely. But, I don't point the finger, only President Obama does that.

Reid also had to put a cheap shot at Wall Street too. Even though, most of Wall Street is in bed with the Democrats and its progressive agenda that will threaten Wall Street.

What about the government? The Department of the Interior's Minerals Management Service failed to complete its monthly inspections of the doomed Deepwater Horizon, the platform that BP used for its oil drilling. (STORY)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Obama signs 'Press Freedom Act,' refuses questions from the press

President Barack Obama signed the Press Freedom Act on Monday, this law expands the State Department's annual human rights reports to include a description of press freedoms in each country.

But what about the United States?

After he signed the act into law, Obama did not allow the press to ask him any questions. He promptly said, no questions.

Throughout the Obama administration, the press has been stifled, much like in communist countries. We'll see what the future brings.

CBS News: Press Freedom, Sure. But No Questions.

Unitarian minister sees liberal renissance in Christianity

I don't know that it is with liberals and their urge to take control over everything.

As I have posted before, progressive theology has infiltrated the Christian faith in many denominations. Now, a Unitarian-Universalist minister is defending this by saying that this is great for Christianity.

He also has a wife who is an Episcopal priest. He calls themselves "the odd couple" in his piece. I wouldn't really call them the odd couple myself, as both denominations are merging into one at a rapid pace.

Christianity does not change. Any change that moves away from the Holy Bible is not true Christianity.

People may say that my liberal theology church is doing so much good in the community. It may have a food pantry, or helps in other ways. Do you know what else does some goods? Scientogy, or various other cults.

True Christianity does not say other religions are its equal and do not acknowledge other "gods." A Christian cannot say "Allah" is equivalent to God.

The same goes within the Christian denomination. As some denominations have strayed away from the Bible. You either follow the Bible or you don't. Picking and choosing what you believe is always taken out of context, much like soundbites you may hear on television and radio news.

Many Christian denominations have strayed away from what they say they believe, such as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church-USA, Episcopal Church and the worst of all, the United Church of Christ.

WASHINGTON POST: A liberal religious renaissance?

Friday, May 14, 2010

New film 'Machete' brings back tactics of 'Birth of a Nation'

A new film set for release in September could invoke a race war in America.

The film titled "Machete" released its trailer on May 5 (Cinco de Mayo). In the trailer it portrays white people as racists and the Mexicans as the good guys who just happen to be crossing the border illegally. It brings back many tactics from the pro-KKK film "Birth of a Nation." It even attacks Arizona's new immigration law.

"Birth's" film success grew the KKK by the millions earlier this century.

"Machete" was made, in part, with help from tax incentives and location access provided by the Texas Film Commission, a division of Gov. Rick Perry's office. It was distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The film also has some money. It has A-list actors.

This film is real, folks. It is on IMDB for a September 3 release. See it here.

Below are videos about the film:



Pope says abortion, same-sex marriage are most "insidious and dangerous" threats facing the world today

Well, I'm glad that the Roman Catholic pope is standing by the Bible.

Some Christians, ah hem, "Christians," they deserve quotes sometimes, are now picking what they like in the Bible and say that it was written at a different time and doesn't relate to today's life.

Pope Benedict XVI may be saying these things, but he better find a way to get his followers to believe the same things. Some people, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who now speaks for the Catholics in America, do not.

If you are a Catholic, you must believe its theology. Same with other denominations.

Take a look at the news story from the Associated Press:

AP: Pope decries abortion, same-sex marriage at Fatima

Bank of England: U.S. may face same problems as Greece

The United States of America's federal debt is getting worse and worse. And, President Obama is not helping this process.

He says we must spend, spend, spend to get out of the recession. He also says our economy is recovering in our "jobless recovery."

As I have posted before, our deficit has ballooned. How are we going to get out of this? If we don't, what is going to happen? Well, look toward Greece, and soon to be Portugal, Spain and Ireland.

(London) Telegraph: US faces same problems as Greece, says Bank of England

NY Times: Don't expect your job back

The New York Times is now telling its readers that many of the jobs that have gone by the wayside will not be returning.

So we have to deal with unemployment at 10 percent or more, just like Europe.

We just have to get over it. I guess the Obama policies are working in this "jobless recovery."

NYT: In a Job Market Shift, Some Workers Are Left Behind

White House: Who needs the free press?

The Obama White House wants the public to like the president. They have already attacked Fox News and talk radio, but why now the rest of the media?

So instead of allowing the media into meetings and other gatherings, the media is receiving press releases. Obama is even skipping out on the media. Remember that day he went to see his daughter's "soccer game"?

Fox News: White House Leaning on Its Press Office, Not the Media, to Get Message Out

Federal government cuts NYC anti-terror funds

As much as I want the government to cut funding, I don't know if cutting anti-terror funding in New York City is the best idea. Isn't it New York that seems to be the main target of terrorists?

AG Eric Holder criticizes AZ law, but admits he hasn't read it

Last month, attorney general Eric Holder attacked the Arizona immigration law, that is already federal law, by saying it would lead to racial profiling.

Today he admitted he has not read the 10-page bill:

For a video of Holder last month, click here.

For more humor on this topic, we bring our president Barack Obama, who has no idea what this bill is about:

Have you read the law? Here it is, click here.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

U.S. posts 19th straight monthy deficit, longest streak in American history

The United States federal government is broke. Yet, it continues to spend money it doesn't have. On top of that, it has given away free money to help Greece's debt crisis.

According to Reuters, the government has posted 19 straight monthly deficits. President Obama has been in office for 15+ months.

In the past, April has been a good month for the government. It is the month that includes tax day after all. April has seen a surplus in 43 of the past 56 years.

The United States posted a $82.69 billion deficit, some $40 billion more than expected.

So, why no surplus? Could it be entitlements? Could it be spreading the wealth? How long can the United States government survive with all this spending?



Do the Phoenix Suns require 'papers' to enter games?

The Phoenix Suns, ah hem, I mean Los Suns, have put themselves right in the Arizona immigration law battle.

The Suns say they have been upset about Arizona's new immigration law because authorities are asking Latino-looking for their papers, but what are the Phoenix Suns doing to the fans who wish to see them play a game? Are they asking their fans for their papers? A ticket is proof of identity that gets a fan into a game.

This is the same for a person trying to get into a bar, or order alcohol at a restaurant, they have to have proper identification to order the item.

This goes on and on. So what is the big deal?

A blogger goes into great detail about how the Phoenix Suns are hypocrites:

Phoenix Suns Declare Game Tickets Racist
by bucktown on May 5, 2010

How does the Phoenix Suns organization ensure that not just anybody gets into their games?

Well, they issue tickets. Tickets ( IE, THEIR PAPERS) are an identification that people have paid the price for entry into their arena.

How do they enforce ticket collections?

Well, their arena acts as a closed-in border wall with guarded doors being the only way people with tickets ( IE, THEIR PAPERS) can enter.

Isn’t it funny how borders and proper id ( IE, THEIR PAPERS) matters to THEIR bottom line, but not America’s.

On a related note, how does the NBA distinguish one group from another; you know kind of like the distinction between citizen and non-citizen? Well, they issue “different” colored uniforms (IE, THEIR PAPERS). How discriminatory!

And when players “break the rules” what happens? Well, they get assigned fouls and get thrown out of the game if they get too many. How cruel!

And Imagine if the referees (IE, the federal government) see countless fouls but don’t call any fouls, do the coaches (IE, the states) not have an obligation to at least yell about it and get the attention of the refs? Sure, coaches can’t make rules, but our constitution says states can make laws.

And, don’t the Suns have discriminatory seating arrangements where people with more money get the better seats? And aren’t there ushers who ensure that people don’t sit in seats that aren’t their seats BY ASKING FOR THEIR PAPERS, IE, THEIR TICKETS?

And what happens when players step on any one of the four outer border lines which we call the court sidelines? They are out of bounds (IE, Illegal trespass) and lose possession.

And what happens when players step on the border line we call the three point line? The basket only counts for two points. How unfair!

And what happens when players step over the free throw line? They loose their shot and the basket doesn’t count.

And what happens if players move into the paint when they are not supposed to during a free throw? They get penalized.

And what happens when a player stays inside the border area we call the paint for more than three seconds? They get penalized.

The NBA is full of borders, and border guards guarding the procedures and rules they set up in order to have lawful games. Isn’t it odd they don’t want an orderly country?

By the way, the reason for this law was because of increased drug violence and kidnappings in Arizona thanks to Mexican drug cartels. And the law Arizona is enforcing is already federal law, but Arizona is actually enforcing it.

Liberal United Church of Christ sends donation to ELCA

Courtesy of The Lutheran, official magazine of the ELCA:

UCC: $50,000 gift to Lutheran seminary
First United Church of Christ (UCC), Bridgeport, Conn., donated $50,000 each to the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and to the UCC-affiliated Lancaster Theological Seminary May 2. The ELCA and the UCC are full communion partners.

"These gifts acknowledge our oneness in Christ and the ministry that is ours," said Karen DeWerth-Wamester, an ELCA pastor serving at First UCC.

Faced with a dwindling membership, the congregation, founded in 1894 by Hungarian immigrants, sold its building in 2006 to a Seventh Day Adventist Church, with the agreement that the UCC congregation could worship there, rent-free, for another 20 years. Funds from the sale have allowed the congregation to give and minister in new ways.

"We're in a unique position [to give]," Chief Elder Nancy Szwejkowski said in a UCC Connecticut Conference news release. "My theory is that it doesn't do any good sitting in the bank."

"What a wonderful witness to the full communion agreement for the First United Church of Christ to give a generous gift to the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia," said LTSP President Philip D. Krey. "Our traditions have grown together, our students study together, our pastors like Pastor DeWerth-Wamester serve one another's congregations, and now we support one another in the preparation of leaders. Scores of thankful students and faculty will remember this Bridgeport congregation."

The congregation's gift will also be counted toward the ELCA New England Synod's goal of raising $1.5 million for the seminary, and the seminary, in turn, will name a seminar room in its Brossman Center in honor of First UCC.


All I can say is...How nice! It's a gift from a dying church. They now have money to give now that they've lost their church building. This is progress.

MSNBC can't get enough of Limbaugh, Fox News

MSNBC's Chris Matthews knows his base. The left wing President Barack Obama worshipers.
So he and his guests go on and attack Rush Limbaugh and Fox News on Monday. I don't know why he would do that other than hopes that the ratings of both rub off on him. But, that's not happening.
WATCH THE VIDEO (courtesy of Real Clear Politics and MSNBC)

When will the ELCA wake up?

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has driven away tens of thousands of its members. And why? Because the ELCA wants to be inclusive. It has whitewashed its Lutheran theology and replaced it with its theology of "change."

Since August 2009 homosexual ministers vote, the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ has benefited the most in gained membership. The LCMC, founded in 2001 by former ELCA churches, has gained 205 former ELCA churches to now have 376 congregations. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod have also seen an influx of former ELCA members, but not a congregational gain like the LCMC.

The problems in the ELCA did not begin in 2009, however. The downfall of the ELCA began back in 1987, before the merger of the American Lutheran Church, Lutheran Church in America and Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches that would become the ELCA.

In November 1970, the LCA, the most liberal Lutheran denomination, ordained America's first female Lutheran pastor. It later ordained the first black female Lutheran pastor in 1979, first Latina Lutheran pastor in 1979 and first female Asian American Lutheran pastor. The LCA was all about firsts.

The ALC, the more conservative church of the merger, also later ordained women. Prior to this point, however, the ALC and LCMS were discussing a full fellowship in 1962 and invited the LCA into talks, but the LCA declined. In 1969, the ALC and LCMS established altar and pulpit fellowship with each other. This lasted until 1981 when the LCMS terminated the fellowship due to concerns within the ALC and the forthcoming possibility of an ALC-LCA merger.

The ordination of women and theological concerns began a slippery slope that one sect within the ALC left prior to the 1988 ELCA merger. (I am not blaming women, they just happen to be at the beginning of the slope.) The American Association of Lutheran Churches began in 1987 did not like the change to the Lutheran theology, particularly the changes within the LCA. This denomination saw what was happening before the worst was yet to come. (The AALC is now in communion with the LCMS.)

At the merger, for some reason, the ELCA decided to have an episcopal structure instead of a congregational structure as the denominations prior. Instead of having a president, they chose to have a presiding bishop. With this way, the ELCA would have more power over its congregations.

Throughout the 1990s, the young ELCA reached out to denominations outside the Lutheran denomination. This later "watered down" the Lutheran theology in order to allow other denominations into Holy Communion. The denominations that are now in full communion with the ELCA are the Moravian Church in America, Presbyterian Church (USA), Reformed Church in America, United Church of Christ, Episcopal Church in the United States and the United Methodist Church. According to Lutheran tradition and theology, only Lutherans could partake in Holy communion at a Lutheran church, because each denomination sees the sacrament differently. The ELCA got rid of this position. Lutherans see the Body (bread) and Blood (wine) of Christ as the true Body and Blood of Christ. It is both bread and wine and the body and blood.

On the spectrum of similarities in they way Lutherans understand communion only the Episcopal Church came close, but not close enough. The UCC sees communion as only symbolic and thus was not in the same world as the Lutheran belief.

Some ELCA churches left because of the additions to communion, but the vast majority did not care to notice the change.

Also in the decade, the ELCA changed its view on the Holy Bible and on the Lutheran confessions. Instead of taking it as is, infallible or divinely inspired, they chose to take a critical look at its theology. Through this, it began to pick and choose at what Bible passages were good enough. And said some did not matter.

Because of this change, the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, or LCMC, was formed by former ELCA churches in 2001.

As the 1990s came to a close, the ELCA began exploring the idea on ordaining gays and lesbians. Through much thought, it finally came to a vote in 2009.

At the ELCA Churchwide Assembly on August 21, 2009 in Minneapolis, the ELCA voted to ordain gays and lesbians in committed monogamous relationships to serve as clergy. Almost immediately, this caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of ELCA Lutherans.

Since the ELCA began supporting gays and lesbians as pastors, the LCMC has increased 205 congregations to a total of 376 congregations. The LCMS and WELS has also seen an increase.

Today, the ELCA has began preaching progressive theology. This is the total whitewashing of the Lutheran theology. This is pro-Earth and also promotes socialist causes.

When will the ELCA finally wake up and realize where they are at? They are no longer LUTHERAN!

As of 2010, the ELCA claims it has 4.6 million members at its 10,396 congregations. At the rate the ELCA is on with change, it will no longer be the largest "Lutheran" denomination at 2020.

The LCMS, WELS and LCMC will be moving up the membership ladder as the ELCA plummets.
The LCMS currently has 2.4 million members at its 6,155 congregations. WELS currently has 390,000 members at its 1,290 congregations. The LCMC has about 55,000 members at its 376 congregations.

At the rate the ELCA is on, the LCMS will be number one and the ELCA may not even be in second place in members.

As the ELCA loses members, it will be the gain of the next three largest denominations. The third, the LCMC, being only founded in 2001.

I know the real reason for the ordination of gays and lesbians and allowing full communion with non-Lutheran churches. It is that the ELCA has a pastor shortage. But why all the change in theology? This is forcing many people to leave the ELCA who may have become an ELCA minister. But, realistically, the ELCA would not want these folks becoming an ELCA minister. They may try to turn back the change.

I fear it is already too late for the ELCA to turn back from its mistakes. It would take so much to untangle the change.

American Lutheran Church history
Lutheran Church in America history
Evangelical Lutheran Church history
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod history

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pelosi wants Catholic priests to follow her will

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) does not abide by the U.S. Constitution and it's Bill of Rights. Especially the First Amendment. She wants the Roman Catholic Church to stand by her in her will to bring forth immigration reform.

Essentially, she wants amnesty to get more votes for the progressive movement.

Obama: Information is a distraction

President Barack Obama gave a spirit lifting commencement address to the Hampton University (Va.) graduates on Saturday. AKA: A downer.
In the speech, he announced to the students that he is going the way of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. Chavez took control of the media so they would say nice things about him.
Obama, like Chavez, does not like to be criticized. Throughout his term, he has attacked Fox News numerous times. This has only increased Fox News' ratings, possibly because people were wondering why Obama was attacking the cable news network.
Now Obama is saying, "information is a distraction." I always thought that information was power. I want to learn more. I don't want to be told how to think. This is not a dictatorship...yet.
Here is Obama at Hampton University:

There he even attacked the iPod, iPad, Xbox and Playstation. But, why did his campaign do this in 2008?:

Obama's plan is to take over cable news, talk radio and internet blogs. He wants everyone to love him, just like Newsweek magazine, NBC News, CBS News and CNN.
No one shall ever question the "messiah."
We already have a God. And, you better not take Him away.

Farrakhan: Obama was 'selected before elected'

Socialists had their plan in place, according to American Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan.

'Plan B' for Socialists is Religion

As the American people have become more aware at the socialism that the Washington liberals want to force on the American people for the "greater good," these liberals are looking at "converting" people at the local level: at church.
This in fact was tried and failed in the 1920s and 1930s at the height of the American communist movement. Plus, it was through the church, the Roman Catholic Church and some extent, the Lutheran state church, that Adolf Hitler convinced Germany that it was the fault of the Jews that they were in financial turmoil. The corrupt Roman Catholic church just gave Hitler and Benito Mussolini the power necessary to convince their peoples that war was for the "greater good."
It's all about progress
Today, this type of church theology is back and it's powerful. It is progressive theology. It is now being practiced in a church near you. Maybe even your church.
Here are some warning signs:
* A spiritual vitality and expressiveness, including participatory, arts-infused, and lively worship as well as a variety of spiritual rituals and practices such as meditation
* Intellectual integrity including a willingness to question
* An affirmation of human diversity
* An affirmation of the Christian faith with a simultaneous sincere respect for other faiths
* Strong ecological concerns and commitments
* Social justice commitments
Or, have you been told that your view of God must change? Or, that the Holy Bible is just historical and does not relate to today? Or, is your church picking and choosing that Bible verses are good enough?
Progressive theology has taken hold in at least three of the ten largest Christian denominations in the United States.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church-USA and United Methodist Churches have all been infiltrated by progressive theology. Progressive theology is socialism. It destroys what you believe in, all the way down to catechism and liturgy.
As a former member of an ELCA church, I know what is going on. It destroyed my church. The ones who believed in Lutheran theology left for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.
Below is what I see happening:
For example, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America now has many of its churches practicing Progressive Christianity. One of them is an ELCA church in north central Indiana, where I used to be a member. I recently checked on this church's Web site because I saw in the news that hundreds of ELCA churches are leaving the denomination, because of gay clergy, gay rostered staff and plain taking the "Luther" out of its theology. To put it frankly, the ELCA is not Lutheran anymore, at least at the governing level. Some churches are still Lutheran, but it's a matter of time until they are snatched as well.
Getting back to my point, the ELCA, United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church-USA, Episcopal Church-USA, United Church of Christ and some others are now practicing this new Progressive Christian theology. This is where you question everything and pick and choose what you like in the Bible. In my opinion, not very Christian, or not at all Christian.
Through this, the socialists are transforming, or brainwashing, congregations to their worldview, not the Christ-centered worldview.
When I went on the Web site, I looked at what the pastor wrote in the latest monthly newsletter and I found it troubling, and very close to cultish: http://www.christlutherankokomo.org/WN%20pastor%20message.htm
The way I took the message was that if you leave the ELCA, you are leaving God. And since when does God change. The reason I left, as well as hundreds of others, was for the changity-change. It did not feel like my church anymore. Also, I felt in the message that he was starting over with each paragraph and then the last paragraph I found to be very cultish.
I also looked up the authors he cited in the message and they are equally as nuts and consider themselves to be Progressive Christians.
What was more troubling were the sermons that were more like college lectures and had no relation back to a certain reading lesson of that day. If you want to check them out, they are on the main page's left column. I recommend you look at them, they are way out there.
I think this church is just a case study of the ELCA. It is the future as the Indiana-Kentucy bishop agrees with everything going on. I wouldn't be surprised if this pastor became the next IN-KY bishop.
Socialists never give up, they are now in the local churches to convince these congregations into the socialist worldview.
The thing is that the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is not immune to this, where I am now. As well as other sects, or synods, within any given denomination. People need to be aware of what's going on in religion.
Now that the ELCA, UMC, PC-USA, E-USA, UCC and some others are now ordaining gays, what will stop them from urging gay marriage? Plus, other government entitlement programs?
On a side-note, the ELCA presiding bishop Mark Hanson in Chicago is also in charge of the Lutheran World Federation. This means he is practically the "pope" over the state churches in Europe and we all know how well they are doing. Power has corrupted the ELCA, much like power has corrupted politicians. I also see the IN-KY synod bishop as a "cardinal."
Martin Luther did not like the structure of the Roman Catholic church as he saw it as corruption, yet, the ELCA went the way of the RC church. Meanwhile, the LCMS and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, or WELS, each went for the congregational structure, rather than episcopal structure. So LCMS and WELS churches are more independent than ELCA churches are.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Arizona immigration law upsets liberals

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) signed a controversial, to some, immigration bill that authorizes state authorities to request an immigrant's documentation.
The bill was previously passed by the state legislature.
In the law, a person can be asked for documentation by authorities if he or she appears to be an illegal alien.
Part of the reasoning for this law is the ongoing drug cartel war going on in northern Mexico that has spilled over onto the American side of the border on some occasions. In many cases, kidnappings and murders have occurred in the border violence, but President Obama sees a problem with this law. Go figure.
According to the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, this law is constitutional. However, some, say that this law is unconstitutional, including those in the Obama administration and Rev. Al Sharpton, who only cares because he sees money in this issue.

Here is Sharpton on his radio show that nobody heard on the airwaves:

Los Angles Times: Arizona's immigration law may spur a showdown
The Hill: Arizona Gov. Brewer signs controversial immigration bill
The Heritage Foundation: New Arizona immigration law makes sense

Obama announces war plan for 2010

President Barack Obama knows he is in trouble. He has lied to the American people when it comes to 'no new taxes on the middle class*,' taken over Wall Street businesses and banks and now he needs votes to keep his Democratic, or more accurately called socialist or progressive, friends in office.

Obama announced who's vote he is focusing on in 2010:

Obama would be in favor of amnesty if it means votes.

*New taxes: "ObamaCare" health care bill, "Stimulus" package

THIS JUST IN... Obama considering national sales tax

So, Obama, who claims to be a man of the people, when most know he is not, is in favor of additional taxes on all Americans, and particularly on the middle class.

FoxNews.com: Debt Commission Gets Started With 'Everything' on the Table, Including National Sales Tax

Geithner admits he has never had a real job

This is what the American people have to deal with. People with political power who have never spent a day in a private sector job.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner admitted to CNN that he has never held a "real job."

Obama's national security adviser better be joking

The Jewish people have been the escape goat for blame for many centuries.
In the past century, the Jews have been to blame for the down economies of the Soviet Union and Germany. In each case, the governments said the Jews kept their wealth and deprived others of their wealth. (The Jews were the bankers, jewelry store owners, etc...)

This brings us to April 21, last Wednesday. General James Jones (Ret.), President Barack Obama's National Security Adviser, told a joke depicting the Jews as greedy merchants.